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Tetris Modular Fireplace by Horus

Who says your fireplace has to be installed inside a wall? Well, Italian designer Horus teamed up with portable oven maker Fontana Forni to change that making a minimalistic modular fireplace that is sure to be the showpiece of your room.  The L-shaped pieces of the Tetris Modular Fireplace can be arranged in a variety of ways to suit your entertainment plans, from a card game to an all out party. Continue reading

Spotlight: Erik Griffioen Furniture

Erik Griffioen has been designing furniture only for a short while now but has the eye and design aesthetic of a veteran.  Griffioen graduated Monumental Design in 2001 in Holland and after a few years of making prototypes in his free time he made his debut in Belgium in November 2008 to high praise and wide acclaim.

Continue reading

Lounge Chair by Kyle Buckner

A modern renaissance man, Kyle Buckner shares his love of design through creating furniture, car audio, wall murals, sculpture, graphic/web design and clothing with his own special flair.  The new Lounge Chair by Kyle Buckner is one of the sleekest places to park your rear that we’ve seen lately.  Continue reading