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Beast Mode (Video) by B.o.B

Mediating on a lyrical flow of a beast of expression that refuses to pass in the wind as the past that did not acknowledge, but now praises with worth because of his lyrical substance! B.o.B is in “Beast Mode” on his latest release, refusing to acknowledge those that seek attention of his success, making no exceptions, blasting those that denied him access to the popular of attention. Killing verbs with adjectives of expression, his personal feast, he is eating the competition as he slaps those that now “wish” to be in his company because he is known as a lyrical “monster” of expression. Talented with an undeniable gift, B.o.B is back & not as a rapper but a hip/hop genius yet, in a lane of his own that he owns. Continue reading

Don’t Let Me Fall (Video) by B.o.B

Off his debut album B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray here is the official video for, Don’t Let Me Fall. The video was shot on the sidewalks of downtown Denver and at Colorado’s open-air Red Rocks Amphitheater and was directed by Ethan Lander who also worked on Nothin’ On You. We dig it. Do you? Follow B.o.B on Twitter @BoBATL! Continue reading

Courageous Effort with an Impact SALUTE: The Adventures of B.o.B

Minus the “Fame,” beyond the introduction, lost in the “5th Dimension” of his creativity, pushing “Past My Shades” he is screaming, “Bet I” without a doubt the honor goes to B.o.B… “The Kids” roam the halls with their iPods blasting “Nothin’ On You” without fully understanding the “Ghost In The Machine!” B.o.B is not your average recording artist, he is “Loverlier Than You” or rather in a league almost alone with a few supporting teammates!!! An artist of channels, flipping through chorus after chorus, racing against the flow, refusing to measure himself with limits, reaching beyond limitations, he asks with a humble beginning, “Don’t Let Me Fall!”

Signed, IamRRA

For more info on B.o.B visit: www.bobatl.com [tweetmeme source=”stupidDOPE” only_single=false]

B.o.B. Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray

B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray is the upcoming debut album by rapper B.o.B.. It is scheduled to be released on April 27th but you can PRE-ORDER it now! Follow Bobby Ray on Twitter HERE. [tweetmeme source=”stupidDOPE” only_single=false]