T-House by Atelier Boronski

Atelier Boronski recently designed the T-House in Kyoto, Japan.  The house is conceived of as a simple container with private spaces lodged almost randomly within. But with views in all directions the randomness is orchestrated.

There are three primary elements at work in this composition. The main external walls (running east/west), the private volumes (overlapping and bridging) and the resultant void space extending above the LDK. Continue reading

Never Forget You by Lupe Fiasco ft. John Legend

Here is a brand new song that popped up on the internets today by Lupe Fiasco featuring John Legend titled, “Never Forget You”. No official word on the placement of this song but we like it none the less. Check it out below and let us know your thoughts. Lupe’s third studio album Lasers is set to be released on March 8, 2011.

Mr. Bathing Ape by UNITED ARROWS Accessories

Japanese label United Arrows and A Bathing Ape have cooked up a line of accessories including a phone case, a card holder and a wallet to accompany the Mr. Bathing Ape clothing line that adds a touch of playful class for the man that works hard, plays hard and dresses sharp.  Continue reading

TikTok+LunaTik Multi-Touch iPod Nano Watch Kits by Scott Wilson

Every since the new iPod Nano has come out we have seen some really DOPE watch kits. These are no exception. From @ScottWilsonID here we have two premium multi-touch watch kits for the iPod Nano called TikTok and LunaTik . The kits are designed to simply and elegantly transform the Apple iPod Nano into multi-touch watches.

The idea to use the Nano as a watch was an obvious one ever since the product was announced. Continue reading

WIRED x Incase iPad Snap Case

The latest innovations in technology are at your fingertips. Your fingers are the handheld data banks that identify you to the world and one of your most essential tools in this digital age. To celebrate the power of your fingertips, WIRED and Incase collaborated on this limited-edition iPad Snap Case featuring a graphic fingerprint. Precision-engineered to be the lightest weight case in the Incase iPad product offering, the Snap Case attaches easily and securely, providing device coverage, scratch protection, and direct access to all iPad features. Available now exclusively at the WIRED webstore and Incase webstore.

visvim x Dita Sunglasses 2010 Fall/Winter Collection

visvim and Dita have once again come together to collaborate on another pair of sunglasses. As to be expected from a joint-venture between two premium labels, the lenses are high quality and sit neatly inside Dita’s much celebrated Zyle acetate frames. Available in either black or red, each colorway is given a contrasting effect. Completing a cultured style, the glasses come in elk leather cases and are now available from Union. Continue reading

Olive O6HD HD Audiophile Server

Olive has unveiled the new 06HD Music Server that sits at the top of the company’s line. Being the top of the line means that the thing has the best components Olive offers. It has 24-bit sound and a fully balanced differential DAC. The touchscreen on top of the machine is 10.1-inches wide and shows album art and more.

The 06HD supports up to a 192kHz sample rate and promises 250 times more audio resolution than a CD offers. The DAC inside the machine is a matched pair of the best TI has to offer and has a signal-to-noise ratio of 124dB. The master clock has jitter of less than 10 picoseconds to eliminate jitter and the device up samples any audio standard to 24-bit/384kHz resolution. The limited quantity device has a 2TB internal HDD and can be purchased for $4,999. For more info visit Olive’s website – HERE.