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Jay-Z Reveals “Decoded” Book @ Miami’s Delano Hotel

Popular icon, artist, business mogul and author JAY-Z and Eric Hadley, GM of Bing, reveal of one of the most iconic images from the campaign, a page from JAY-Z’s book DECODED unveiled in the most surprising of locations. This unveiling will be succeeded by his fan’s global decoding of the book to take place from now until November 20th.  Continue reading

FaceTime for Mac

We figured it would come out eventually and it did. FaceTime for Mac makes it possible to talk, smile, wave, and laugh with anyone on an iPhone 4, iPod touch, or Mac from your Mac over Wi-Fi. All you need is your Apple ID and an email address and you are in business. For more info visit – HERE.

B.U.R.N.S. | Be Ultimately Realistic & Never Sellout

Self made entrepreneur Kenny Burns chronicles his rise to the top as a branding genius and lifestyle specialist in his documentary B.U.R.N.S.,  an acronym for Be Ultimately Realistic and Never Sellout.  In the doc Burns explains that hard work, persistence and consistency can get you just as far as riding coat tails in the entertainment industry.

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Jay-Z Reveals Upcoming “Decoded” Book Cover

The incomparable Jay-Z along with Random House publishers, Spiegel & Grau, have put their ingenious minds together to write and promote a book that chronicles the life of Jay-Z and this generation as told through his rhymes.  Continue reading

Spike Lee Directs The “Wake Up!” Webcast

Spike Lee adds his creative genius to American Express’s “Unstaged,” a live concert series that will feature John Legend & The Roots on September 23.  John Legend and the Roots who teamed up for the socially driven album Wake Up! due for release September 21st, will perform songs from the album in front of an audience with a live simulcast on Youtube via Vevo. Continue reading

When A Woman Loves by R. Kelly

On the heels of his Untitled album, released in October of last year, R. Kelly sang about sexcapades, spending dough, and nights out at the club.  Now R. Kelly is back with a new single that channels his inner Jackie Wilson for the ladies. Continue reading

Hennessy Artistry 2011 Curated By Q-Tip & The Roots

This year’s Hennessy Artistry series will be curated by Q-Tip & The Roots with very special guests, taking place in Chicago, Detroit, Miami and New York! Every year, Artistry is the most exciting Hennessy event with music, artists, drinks blended into an incredible experience. For more info check  the video below & connect with Hennessy on facebook – HERE. Continue reading