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T-House by Atelier Boronski

Atelier Boronski recently designed the T-House in Kyoto, Japan.  The house is conceived of as a simple container with private spaces lodged almost randomly within. But with views in all directions the randomness is orchestrated.

There are three primary elements at work in this composition. The main external walls (running east/west), the private volumes (overlapping and bridging) and the resultant void space extending above the LDK. Continue reading

Mountain House by David Guerra Architecture

David Guerra Architecture recently completed this DOPE mountain house in Nova Lima, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Check out what they had to say about the project.

The idea was to create a house linked to nature which works as a big deck of contemplation and sociability by using natural material to make an atmosphere of snugness in a contemporary proposal.  Continue reading

Tetris Modular Fireplace by Horus

Who says your fireplace has to be installed inside a wall? Well, Italian designer Horus teamed up with portable oven maker Fontana Forni to change that making a minimalistic modular fireplace that is sure to be the showpiece of your room.  The L-shaped pieces of the Tetris Modular Fireplace can be arranged in a variety of ways to suit your entertainment plans, from a card game to an all out party. Continue reading

Williams Studio by GH3

Toronto-based firm GH3 recently designed the Williams Studio on Stony Lake in Ontario, Canada. Here is what the firm had to say about the project:

A photographer’s studio over a boathouse on Stony Lake is a re-imagination of the archetypal glass house in a landscape in the Canadian Shield. A continuation of thinking about this architectural ambition, the central concept of the house is reconceived through a contemporary lens of sustainability, program, site and amenity. Continue reading

Mirindiba House by Marcio Kogan

Architect Marcio Kogan and his team are well-known for elegant designs and the Mirindiba House is another prime example of his ability to design jaw-dropping homes, which are also highly functional as living spaces.

The house beautifully combines dark natural Brazilian hardwood, concrete and vernacular stonework in an open plan living arrangement ideal for the heat and humidity of the Brazilian season`s. For more info visit Marcio Kogan’s website – HERE. Continue reading

The Wide Open Villa by Klab Architects

Klab Architects recently designed the Wide Open Villa in Athens, Greece. Check out what the designer had to say about the project:

The monolithic volume creates two front-conditions: a curved one along the street and a planar one towards the private garden. From the outside the building has an austere, almost monumental character. Inside, plan and section work together to create a fluid void space that undermines the initial impression of monumentality by inviting extended exterior views to enter.  Continue reading

Hover House 3 by Glen Irani Architects

Glen Irani Architects recently designed the third in their series of Hover Houses located in Los Angeles, California. Check out what the designer had to say about the project:

Situated on the Venice Canals of Los Angeles, California, Hover House 3 represents the third in the architects’ Hover House series. This series focuses on maximizing outdoor living on small lots by ‘hovering’ the building envelope above the grade level in order to create space for outdoor living environments. This series proposes that interior living space be reduced in favor of less resource-intensive outdoor living amenities.  Continue reading