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Hover House 3 by Glen Irani Architects

Glen Irani Architects recently designed the third in their series of Hover Houses located in Los Angeles, California. Check out what the designer had to say about the project:

Situated on the Venice Canals of Los Angeles, California, Hover House 3 represents the third in the architects’ Hover House series. This series focuses on maximizing outdoor living on small lots by ‘hovering’ the building envelope above the grade level in order to create space for outdoor living environments. This series proposes that interior living space be reduced in favor of less resource-intensive outdoor living amenities.  Continue reading

MapleXO x Grove iPhone 4 Case

Maple XO has been making jewelry and accessories from recycled skateboards since 2005. Now, the company has branched out into iPhone 4 territory by teaming up with Green iPhone case maker Grove.   Interesting medium, right?  We thought so, and found it even more interesting that each of these cases is made by gluing up to 10+ skateboard decks together perfectly. Continue reading

Bright Woods Collection by Giancarlo Zema x Avanzini Group

What do LED lights and wood have in common?  Not much, but when you combine the two, you get a cool design aesthetic that is bound to set the design world on its ears.  The Bright Woods Collection from the Avanzini Group was created by Italian designer Giancarlo Zemo’s design studio to add flair to your living area or add something unique to a lounge or nightclub setting.  Continue reading