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Beast Mode (Video) by B.o.B

Mediating on a lyrical flow of a beast of expression that refuses to pass in the wind as the past that did not acknowledge, but now praises with worth because of his lyrical substance! B.o.B is in “Beast Mode” on his latest release, refusing to acknowledge those that seek attention of his success, making no exceptions, blasting those that denied him access to the popular of attention. Killing verbs with adjectives of expression, his personal feast, he is eating the competition as he slaps those that now “wish” to be in his company because he is known as a lyrical “monster” of expression. Talented with an undeniable gift, B.o.B is back & not as a rapper but a hip/hop genius yet, in a lane of his own that he owns. Continue reading

Bonney Runway by Tabi Bonney

An insane delivery with a wicked flow of rhymes, yet the method has shifted into a wide open lane of clothing from the DMV artist known as Tabi Bonney with Bonney Runway!

Grinding with a professional groove of melodies from lyrics to clothing, Tabi Bonney is offering his audience quality music & fashion that is not laced by the masses, he ties his own strings while making a killing! A dope artist with a stupid flow over tracks, designs, behind the scenes of the camera & a monster of expression! Tabi Bonney is presenting lyrical content of substance that is laced & dressed with his personal vision for the naked world of Hip/Hop! Continue reading

I Need A Doctor by Dr. Dre ft. Eminem & Liz Rodrigues

Cured nor healed, but offered a prescription to numb the pain until the Doctor reveals the utopia of rhythm, lyrics & beats that will present life to the dying that desires the  sound that seems to be dead. The master of portraits is starting to slowly fill in the blanks with music that is being highlighted as a canvas of melodies worth praising.

Bringing back to life, after more than a decade of concern the voice behind the machine is Dr. Dre  with “I Need A Doctor” featuring Eminem & Liz Rodrigues of The New Royales, which was produced by Alex Da Kid. Continue reading

Hold My Hand by Michael Jackson ft. Akon

The master of rhythm & melody departed the world in the physical but left behind an unbelievable collection of timeless music, Michael Jackson is back with “Hold My Hand,” which is a duet with Akon! As if the gates of life opened to reveal Michael Jackson in the flesh, he sings, “This life don’t last forever” with pure, raw, emotional & effortless beauty… Asking the world to hold his hand with love, he & Akon give the world another song worth embracing that will continue to deliver the magic, courage, strength & gentle whisper of Michael Jackson’s voice!  Continue reading

10 Seconds (Video) by Jazmine Sullivan

Jazmine Sullivan is back with her soulful voice that is equipped with emotional substance with her sophomore album, “LOVE ME BACK!” She is prepared to provide ladies with anthems in order to help them heal their broken hearts…

The second single from her anticipated album is “10 Seconds,” where she addresses her disgust of her broken heart with a countdown for her ex-boyfriend to exit her home, heart, life, & personal space! She confronts her anger from battling with emotional punishment due to a liar that did her wrong, crossed lines to the point where she had to call her Mother before starting her countdown to the exit of the entrance that broke her heart. Continue reading

I’m A Star (Video) by Chrisette Michele

Poetry in rare form with a beautiful melody is the perfect description for Chrisette Michele’s single & video “I’m A Star!” She captures the essence of being a beautiful woman with her elegance in this portrait while displaying self-confidence… Allowing the world to not only take notice of her physical beauty as she displays powerful vocals with a range of distance & space, which separates her from being just a “pretty face.”

As her eyes reflect more than an image & her red lipstick engages her audience, she displays artwork with movement, lyrical celebrations, & grace in this video… There is no denying that the soul of R&B music is alive! Continue reading