Beast Mode (Video) by B.o.B

Mediating on a lyrical flow of a beast of expression that refuses to pass in the wind as the past that did not acknowledge, but now praises with worth because of his lyrical substance! B.o.B is in “Beast Mode” on his latest release, refusing to acknowledge those that seek attention of his success, making no exceptions, blasting those that denied him access to the popular of attention. Killing verbs with adjectives of expression, his personal feast, he is eating the competition as he slaps those that now “wish” to be in his company because he is known as a lyrical “monster” of expression. Talented with an undeniable gift, B.o.B is back & not as a rapper but a hip/hop genius yet, in a lane of his own that he owns.

Shifting the gears of minds that lacked belief in his delivery! Now, his name is known but even when he was “nameless” he knew that his rhymes would flip-flop through minds as if he is the “Einstein” of lyrical amazement in a personal “matrix” while producing lyrical content that seems to be a blur.  “Fed up” with the stress, he attacks the track, while not caring about the numbers! What his “mind sees” his “eyes say,” which reflects his integrity as an artist!

Excuse, the underground beast known as B.o.B as he makes room within the lines of space to leave earth while preparing to unleash “No Genre,” which is a mixtape that will drop on December 7, 2010! Follow B.oB on Twitter @BoBATL

Signed, IamRRA

One response to “Beast Mode (Video) by B.o.B

  1. I COCUR! This man opened for Em this past summer, geez he is no opening act HEADLINER always loved his music… Actually some really gifted writer.. Lol hmmmm wonder who introduced me to his music! Continued success to the man!

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