T-House by Atelier Boronski

Atelier Boronski recently designed the T-House in Kyoto, Japan.  The house is conceived of as a simple container with private spaces lodged almost randomly within. But with views in all directions the randomness is orchestrated.

There are three primary elements at work in this composition. The main external walls (running east/west), the private volumes (overlapping and bridging) and the resultant void space extending above the LDK.

The main Living, Dining, Kitchen area on the first floor opens onto the main terrace facing the garden to the east allowing classical indoor/outdoor living, and the ceiling height in this area varies from 2.5m to 7.5m. As you move through this area can you clearly perceive the three primary elements.

Visit Atelier Boronski’s website – HERE.

One response to “T-House by Atelier Boronski

  1. BigSerenaVeeFan

    This is an awesome piece of architecture! Couldn’t see the square footage but amazing use of space

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