Bonney Runway by Tabi Bonney

An insane delivery with a wicked flow of rhymes, yet the method has shifted into a wide open lane of clothing from the DMV artist known as Tabi Bonney with Bonney Runway!

Grinding with a professional groove of melodies from lyrics to clothing, Tabi Bonney is offering his audience quality music & fashion that is not laced by the masses, he ties his own strings while making a killing! A dope artist with a stupid flow over tracks, designs, behind the scenes of the camera & a monster of expression! Tabi Bonney is presenting lyrical content of substance that is laced & dressed with his personal vision for the naked world of Hip/Hop!

So, if you all are not ready to suffer from the fever of his lyrics, he is offering a clothing line that will warm the outer body as refreshing as his “Fresh” album, which drops on November 22, 2010 to heat your external in the physical!!! In the summer the world sweats from the heat, which falls on the season of Fall so in order to prepare the world for the winter, he patiently designed a line that represents every line of his lyrics with his “Fresh” clothing line!!!  Tabi Bonney is reintroducing himself as a maze of amazement from the DMV!

For more info visit the Bonney Runway website and follow @TabiBonney & @BonneyRunway on twitter!

Signed, IamRRA


2 responses to “Bonney Runway by Tabi Bonney

  1. Can’t wait till my hoodie arrives yep

  2. BigSerenaVeeFan

    I listened ot some of Tabi Bonney’s tracks recently and was bobbing my head (That’s good thing). If you can judge a man by the clothes he wears.. then I also like the wild colors and I’m my own person flare in Tabi bonney’s clothing line as well. Good luck in your endeavours!

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