Samuel Adams Infinium Beer

If you feel the need to pop bottles this holiday season and want to try something new, you may want to try Samuel Adams Infinium Ale.  The new brew is sold in a champagne type bottle complete with a foil covered cork top and a gold-embossed label bearing the name Infinium Ale.  Aside from the name, you would never assume it’s not champagne. 

A collaboration between Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams) and the veteran Weihenstephan Brewery of Germany, the beer is characterized by a light golden color and a spicy body accented by a malty citrus flavor.  The uber ale looks and tastes classy with a high enough alcohol content to keep you content this holiday season.  Get the full scoop HERE.

One response to “Samuel Adams Infinium Beer

  1. I’m HUGE fan of the Samuels Adams brand. I have tried most varieties from the brand, and love them all. Samuel Adams is American ingenuity applied to art of beer brewing…
    Bad Guy OUT….

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